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OnPlan! is a new software methodology that responds to some of the basic shortcomings of Agile Design Practices.

We feel that software development has been becoming more and more rudderless as Agile techniques lead us further away from proper architecture, commitments and sacrifice frameworks for flexibility.

The OnPlan! methodology believes in setting aside 50% of the development cycle for planning.  25% will be allotted for development and 25% for the retrospective.

50% may seem like a lot at first, which is why we have broken it down. During the first iteration, only 25% of the total development time will be spent on planning, followed by 12.5% on development and 12.5% on retrospective.  This way, the second planning session will be able to utilize the information gained in the previous development and retrospective period.

Throughout both cycles, everyone will always be aware of what is happening and the direction they need to head because they will be OnPlan!

Are you ready to be OnPlan?
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