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On Plan! is a new software methodology which was created in response to the shortcomings of Agile Design Practices.  We feel that while these Agile techniques may result in rapid progress, often times this progress may be headed in the wrong direction. Through better planning,  the time wasted heading in the wrong direction can be avoided.

Since the publication of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, Agile practices have really taken hold. We feel, though, that they may have reached the limits of their usefulness. The next phase of software development will see a return to a focus on planning. And while Agile techniques such as Scrum and TDD may still have their uses, gone will be the practices of forgoing architecture in favor of being able to change the system fast.

We believe that by spending 50% of the development time laying out a defined plan, followed by 25% allotted for implementation and the remaining 25% set aside for retrospective will provide the silver bullet solution that is scale-able to any situation and for any project.

Are you On Plan?  Lets GO!!!

Are you OnPlan! Let's Go!